Thursday, 30 June 2011

Knicker Shock

With the look on her face, I reckon I could put some proper research in 'Knicker Shock'. Anyone want to become a test subject for this? ;)

Thanks to Sedra and Alectra for their comments. Love you both!

Miss-adventures At The Rap - The Source

She found the source of the virus, but just what is its purpose?

Said I had one idea left for this series and here you go! Also, same situation as the second Sssh! cap where it wasn't saved properly so I had an image with no text that needed using up. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Amazon Waters

Would you take the chance?

Punished For Peeping

Just because your brother accepted the offer and was made into a nice girl, doesn't mean you will be now you've pissed your mum off. 

Special - Birth Of Sedra

A special cap for you lot to start the day off with, so long as you start your day at silly o'clock at night. Hey I'm in medicine, I do crazy hours!

What late nights and the effect of a long game of truth or dare can do for you! Sedra, lovely girl that she is :), dared me to do this cap, and well I'm always up for a challenge!
Hope you enjoy this one.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Miss-adventures At The RAP - Secondary Infected

Yet another victim of the mysterious virus, but does this one know something?

Lol promise I'm almost done with this series. One more idea left for it.

Time Out

Be careful what you wish for..

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Never Changed

Just putting someone in a different body is not a sure way to get rid of them.

No Escape

Never ditch your friends. Chances are you'll regret it later when the exact their revenge.

Sssh! 2

Never piss of your girlfriends. They are likely to take it out on you in inventive and painful ways.

I made this cap because for some reason the first Sssh! cap wasn't saved properly so the image was hanging around without the text to go with it. Because I hate seeing an unfinished cap in the stream I'm working on, I decided to redo this one. Also, the image is fun ;)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

FemTech's Fiery Fae

Got to admit that this company has good taste!

New Mother

No one ever said relationships had to follow the same pattern as everyone else..

Ok so it turns out that I am able to get caps uploaded for today. Excuse any spelling errors though, I'm exhausted and more than just a little bit drunk. Comes from being at a wedding all day where I get to play the part of the cousin with no morals XD

Friday, 24 June 2011

Punishment Not Exactly Fitting The Crime

Never piss of a General with access to a genetic research programme....

The New Face Of The Force

Please put all applications into the box ;)

Finding A Way To Make It Big

Some managers will try anything to get business..

Well since I'm off tomorrow, I don't know if I'll be able to upload any caps, so to be extra nice, I'll upload a couple of extras today. If I do find the chance to upload tomorrow, just consider the next two caps as a bonus ;)

Changing Your Group Activity

Remember never to go into the ruins of ANY temple anywhere. It's bound to end in disaster.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Refinery

And all options are VAT free!

For this image, I just couldn't resist making a cow cap.

Pausing For A Moment

Sometimes even if you get what you wish, things might get on top of you for a minute.

Special - The Lovers

And here is the promised special item. Sedra asked that I make a cap for her involving the two of us some time back and well, she is too awesome to refuse :)
So I hope you all enjoy this cap as much as we did. I know it got me hot under the collar making it!
And Sedra, love you lots baby :)

One final note, since blogger went haywire today, the caps I had planned for Wednesday have all been uploaded very early Thursday. There will still be Thursday's helping (so long as I get round to making them) so be sure to check back later in the day to see what today's helping is!
Till later sweeties!

Schoolgirl's Revenge

Thought for the Day: Never mess with a former adult man turned to a mid teens female. All those changes occurring to the body round that time are going to make the victim want revenge even more!

Gaea's Quest

Well this is certainly one way to get nerds out of the house! 

Also, yet another cap that has sparked off the imagination for a story, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Miss-adventures At The RAP

Is this the start of some pandemic sweeping through the ranks? Stay tuned to find out!

Well blogger is working again so yay for that, so I'll upload what I had planned and a special one while I'm buzzed from drinking a little too much and rocking it out to music on my itunes list!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Looks like I won't be able to bring you any caps just yet for you all as for some reason blogger isn't adding them to a post. Odd but I'll see what I can get sorted. If nothing gets uploaded today, I'll throw some extras in tomorrow, and if it doesn't work then, might just cry. Me and tech don't mix!

So either way, laters sweeties.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Double Trouble

Well once again I'm stuck with two stories for the same image. So like last time, I made both to see which one you lovely lot prefer.

is it cap number 1

The Jenkins Institute

or cap number 2!

Kendra Is Here To Stay

Anyways, that's all the caps for today. Hope you like them and comments on them are always helpful.

See you tomorrow!

Thanks to Alectra and Sedra for their comments. Love you girls!

Dealing With A Threat

Never mess with a woman. Especially one that is planning to take over the world. It's bound to end badly for you ;)


Gotta love thigh high socks ;)

Don't Panic, Get Drunk

Why run about screaming your head off if you just happen to change your sex suddenly? Surely it's better to act calmly, get piss blind drunk and figure out what to call yourself in the morning? Let's face it, most of us can't remember our names after a heavy night out so it's the perfect opportunity to build a new you!

Sorry about not posting up any caps yesterday, had a massive case of writer's block and couldn't concentrate on anything. Didn't help I was exhausted the whole day either!!
So I'll be giving you an extra cap or two today to make up for it. Laters!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Manners Make The Woman

Sometimes just being polite gets you what you want, so remember that next time you come across a strange old woman at the circus!

Suprisingly hard to come up with a story for a cap when the bulk of the colour in the photo has been leached out.


Who'd have thought that Skynet would have such good taste?

Well since it's a Sunday, I'll give you a treat (which will be repeated every sunday) and upload more caps than normal. Soooo enjoy!

On Somewhat Stranger Tides

When I watched the latest Pirates movie I couldn't help but wonder just what the mermaids did to those they dragged under. I mean did you see any male ones? So either they breed by capturing said sailors or there is some heavy duty lesbianism going on down in the cove. 
Soooo where was that cove again? ;)

The Honey Trap

Every evil scientist needs new subjects for his experiments, and at least this one won't leave you as a creepy mutant ;)
For my personal methods on how I create an evil empire, don't be afraid to message me ;)

Thanks to Alectra and Sedra for their comments. Love you both!

Only Admit One

This cinema is pretty inventive when it comes to making people pay for their tickets ;)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Double Helping

Well here's the problem. I had two slightly different story ideas for a single image and couldn't decide on which one I liked more so the solution was to make both and see which one you lovely lot prefer!
So here is the first one.....

Met On The Mountain Path


The Lesbian Came Down The Mountain

Which one do you prefer? Our lines are now open!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Not So Natural Fertilisation...

The other title for this piece was going to be 'This is what happened to the bees' primarily because I wanted to spit in the eye of the worst possible way to entice an audience to watch a movie. Suck it, 'The Happening' just reading the synopsis of your plot is enough for anyone to give up hope in main stream sci fi.
Of course then I watch Firefly or Battlestar Galactica and my faith in the awesomeness of sci-fi returns!

Anyways, this is the second cap for today so hope you enjoy it!

Making Her Escape

You can't help but think that her troubles have only started, and its going to be worse for her when she does escape.....

I'm trying to upload about two caps a day right now, so here's the first one for today!!

Revenge... Can Wait For A Bit....

The mirror does not create evil, it only reflects it.
Reckon I've been too influenced by Ghosts In The Shell over the years?

Yes, I'm guilty of using the world I created in a story in another cap. Hey I'm creating enough worlds and situations as it is juggling this blog and all the stories I write, so what if I happen to use previous ones in something else? Give a girl a break!
Only joking. I just like the worlds I create too much to let them die away after using them once. Why short stories turn into multipart series....

New Model Army

Just goes to prove you can't trust the vast majority of evil villains. Though you have to admit, this one has good taste!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The ABTG's Latest Recruit

When dealing with any number of monsters, demons, ghosts and the undead, you'll find recruits from anywhere, even if they happened to be dead to start with!

Had to make a Ghost In The Shell style caption at least once and with most things I create, had to tie it into something I've created in the past so it's another OOD cap! 
Also been trying something new with the last few caps I've made. Working with colour levels and found a tool that actually picks colours from the image selected (which I didn't know was there. Ditz moment!) which makes it a hell of a lot easier to find a colour that matches the image! XD Also been playing about with the text section, having them unfilled and the like or matching the box colours with the image or the colours I used for the background. 
Do you lot prefer the old or the new style? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Till next time, sweeties!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Life In A New Direction

Sometimes life keeps you on a similar track, sometimes it forces you on a different direction, and when that happens, not everything might change about you ;)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Do You Expect Me To Talk?

James Bond movies would have been a lot more interesting if they were like this ;)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bad Luck

Certainly not the best time on holiday, but you have to admit, she did turn out nicely ;)


Well you would have a new cap right now, but I managed to delete all the text for it while I was trying to adjust the sizing, and the damn programme, while having an undo button, doesn't FUCKING UNDO IT! I am so pissed off right now I feel like punching a hole right through the wall.

Well anyway, you'll get that cap when I redo the text (if I can remember all I wrote for it) and others later on. Just glad I already made one today or there might not be new ones uploaded here for several days....

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Look At What I Found!

Forgotten I had made these caps on my Dell when my old Mac was down and out for the count. The style is somewhat different to what I normally make, but that's mainly down to the fact I was unused to the strange way the same programme works for the PC than it does for the Mac. Weird huh? Anyways, enjoy these old ones for now, more new ones on the way!

A Quick Break

Well it's been around a month since I started this blog, and I hope you're all enjoying what I've produced so far.

Well this is just a break to bring some other news to you all. E3, the big gaming show for all the big players in the industry, has just started and we're already seeing some awesome stuff coming from it, including one thing that makes me love Microsoft.

HALO 4 IS COMING!!! MASTER CHIEF AND CORTANA ARE COMING BACK!!!! Hell yes! I've been wanting something like this since the days of Halo 3!

And now normal service will be resumed. And do please feel free to comment on my stuff, I don't know what you like or dislike about my stuff if you don't leave me feedback! XD Till next time!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Click .. Click .. Boom!

After getting the song by Saliva stuck in my head, I ended up hunting around for an image after the idea popped into my mind. Well the one I used was just great so it spawned from there, leading to the ending. Expect more from the Adventures of Detective Maxine Deles in the future!