Friday, 31 May 2013

New Lessons

These are going to be some lessons you'll never forget, no matter how hard you try!

Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of captions going up. Did warn you that they wouldn't be frequent as I try to get this assignment completed. Only have another hundred or so pages to read before I start to work on the essay itself..... eep.
Anyway, going to try and bring you as many as I can, so long as my ideas hold out. Worst thing about my mind is that I'm often half way through something before I get another idea, or I have the plot planned out and nod off before I write it! Yeah I'm terrible like that!
Anyway, till next time, hope you enjoy this one!

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment on the last cap. :)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For The Want Of A Bike

Things are never what they seem at first glance. Never trust anyone that owns their own walled compound.

Sorry for not getting up the last few days, been struggling with inspiration for caps a bit. I do have story ideas that I'm working on however so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

I have an essay due soon though everyone, so till the 11th there might be days when no caps come up because I'm working on that instead. Still if I pass it, it puts me one step closer to passing my current course and therefore one step closer to having my degree! Distance learning is not easy, but its very satisfying when you succeed because you know that its all because you put in the work for it.

Thanks to SP2000, Ambyr and Rene Leinfelder for their comments :)

Oh and btw, managed to get the locap tokyo mauri mags for my MP7 working. Removed the baseplate, they're all good now!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Pushing The Wrong Button

Always check for the exit before starting on any tricky path, unless you want to be trapped.

Thanks to Melia, Ambyr, my big sis Sedra and SP2000 for their comments on the recent caps :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Cosmic Jerks And Stupid Jokes

You just can't trust extraterrestrials can you?

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment :)

A Strange Outlook

There is always one who sees the things that happen as a good thing! This is the concluding my Strange Virus plot line, so if you care to receive a dose, leave a message ;)

Thanks to Ambyr, jamsession1221, pusywillow1950 and Loki Trickster for their recent comments

Bad Bet

There are times when I make caps that I'm just simply not happy with. I don't like just throwing them away because I spent time making them and sometimes the ones I didn't like turn out to be popular, which makes no sense to me but there you go. Now this is one of those caps. I didn't like the image I picked out, didn't like the way the story turned out, basically just don't like it much. However, since I had nothing else to upload at the time, well I saved this is case my inspiration continued to fail me and I needed something to upload to here. 
Well I do have a whole bunch of new things written, so I'm bringing you this one so I don't have to see it on my desktop anymore! You're getting this as a freebie to today's total, so expect two more, two more I am far happier with!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Need, Want

 Everybody has wants, and then they have those physical needs that just demand all the more.

Wanted to try a bit of a different style of caption for this one since I had these two images. While I'm not sure about the narrative itself, I'm quite happy with the look of it. Don't know how frequently I'll do something like this, but its nice to mix things up every now and again.

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Love And Coffee

Never trust your boss.

Thanks to Pusywillow1950 and my beautiful big sis Sedra for their comments :)

A New Knight

Fates and spirits have different plans in mind to what we might expect.

Thanks to SP2000, Ambyr and Loki Trickster for their comments on the recent caps :)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Listen Closely

Always pay attention when someone is teaching you, otherwise you may end up as the next demonstration piece!

Living With It

Once a spell has been cast, you have to live with the consequences of it. Sometimes that may only be for a little while until a lesson is learnt or the counter spell found and used, but sometimes, you just have to keep on going for a long time.

Well going to see if I can do a mad rush of stuff this weekend. I'd like to do a whole heap of captions, artwork and story writing, but lets see what I can actually get done! Place your bets now, though the Overlady will always win, she is more vicious than the house!

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment on the last cap :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Waking Up

Things are always very confusing when you first wake up...

Thanks to Ben Young, Jamsession1221, Raven Whitewood and my big sis Sedra for their comments on the last cap.

Raven, yeah I did kinda get that one from your image selection. What can I say, it was one that screamed for a caption!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Evil, or justice?

Thanks to Loki Trickster, Ambyr and Ben Young for their comments :)

Oh and Ben, I think that solution may work, thanks :)

Course, the MP7 might end up as a backup for the AI500 event I'm VERY tempted to join later in the year......
On that, has anyone brought from Redwolf Airsoft? What are they like?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Better Confidence

Fresh confidence is always nice.

This basically happened to me so sorry if the cap seems a little dark or bitter. Not my intention, but I hate feeling cheated. So if anyone out there is an airsofter and knows how to make Toyko Marui magazines feed into a Well MP7/R4, please tell me because I can't figure this shit out!


Life of an operative is never easy.

Well seems that setting up a to do list wasn't such a bad idea. True I did it quite late yesterday, but I did manage to tick three things off it. Who knew that I could be organised? Well probably the paperwork and the filing cabinet in my medical centre....... fucking paperwork.
Anyhoo, got a couple to bring to you lovely lot today so I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Gravidophile, Pusywillow1950 and Loki for their comments on the last cap :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hey folks

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you lovely lot a heads up as to why there hasn't been any captions for a few days. Basically I haven't been able to think clearly enough to come up with fresh ideas what with being busy and my usual selection of headaches. So I'll be trying to bring new ones to you as soon as possible on that.
However, I might take a short break from making captions for this blog. I have a lot of captions to make in return for members of Rachel's Haven and I could do with focussing on them for a while. Now while I could post those here as well, I prefer to keep everything exclusive to each site I work with. That way you'll always see new content from me, even if it means delays in one place or another.

So until next time, take it easy!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

A New Career Beckons

When you want a family, you'll do anything to get it.

Thanks to SP2000, Loki and W8z2x4m for their comments of the recent caps :)

Friday, 3 May 2013

A Stranger Virus

The virus is evolving......

Well decided to expand on the plot from the previous mirror photo virus I did a while back and I think I'll do this as a short series with any other mirror shots I have in my collection. Hope you'll enjoy what I bring you!

Forced To Survive

No one ever expects it to happen till it does, so when the apocalypse arrives, remember to pack accordingly!

First cap of a new year here at my blog!!

Thanks to my big sis Sedra, Ambyr, Sp2000 and Madcap McGee for their comments on the last few caps :)

and to answer some of the questions raised in those comments, I barely restrained myself from jokes including knockers, had the movie Labyrinth stuck in my head all day after writing that captions and the movie I asked you to name was..... Radioland Murders.