Wednesday, 29 May 2013

For The Want Of A Bike

Things are never what they seem at first glance. Never trust anyone that owns their own walled compound.

Sorry for not getting up the last few days, been struggling with inspiration for caps a bit. I do have story ideas that I'm working on however so hopefully I'll have those up soon.

I have an essay due soon though everyone, so till the 11th there might be days when no caps come up because I'm working on that instead. Still if I pass it, it puts me one step closer to passing my current course and therefore one step closer to having my degree! Distance learning is not easy, but its very satisfying when you succeed because you know that its all because you put in the work for it.

Thanks to SP2000, Ambyr and Rene Leinfelder for their comments :)

Oh and btw, managed to get the locap tokyo mauri mags for my MP7 working. Removed the baseplate, they're all good now!

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  1. Delicious outfit, but she'd best get off the main road if she wants to avoid recapture