Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Training House

The Overlady is the sort to play any advantage she can get ;)

Thanks to Anne Oni Mouse for her comments (despite one or two of them being a little bit strange..) and to Alectra :)

Dramatic Shifts

And she is worth ten thousand pounds a year!

This happens to have been the cap that broke the block this morning, and it was just one of the random ideas that popped into my head that ended up with this one being created. I was going to throw the picture away, but it sudden sparked off in my mind and, well this was the result!

Ok so its a bit of a silly one but I thought it would make a bit of a change of pace for me and my caption writing, and since it helped to ungum the cogs in my mind, well its all good!

A Weird Leak

There are times when industrial accidents come out with positives for both parties.

Sorry about getting nothing up for a couple of days, been struggling to get past the block once more. The ideas where in my mind, but I couldn't get them down on paper or I'd just have a blank when looking at things I was working on. Just happy that I've got things created today!!!

Anyway, this has been one of those caps that have just been sitting there bothering me and preventing me from moving onto other things. I just couldn't seem to get moving with it and get it finished off. So I made the effort to complete it, just to clear it and move onto other things. So while I don't feel that it is one of my best pieces, I'm pleased that its complete. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Purple Friday

A new boss always has their own ideas for a business....

Sorry that I haven't got anything up over the last few days. I've been struggling to come up with pieces that I'm happy with and I've been having some real trouble getting those ideas down onto paper. Mix that was a dose of feeling down in the dumps over the last couple of days and real life being busy, I just couldn't settle and get anything created, mores the pity.

So to try and get myself out of the pit, here's a piece for you lot to hopefully enjoy. Not entirely happy with it, but at least its finished! Only way to beat the block is to make something!

Thanks to Nadine for her recent comment :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Attitude Adjustments

This school has a novel way of dealing with students that don't work well in class. Unfortunately for them, its still in the beta stage.....

Thanks to Chaosbeast and Anne Oni Mouse for their comments :)

Drinking Game Mistakes

Always be careful about what you say, even when you are drunk

Thanks to Alice C and Hrdknight for their comments :)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Day To Remember

Your blushing bride might not be the girl you thought she was....

Thanks to Nadine, Evie and Hrdknight for their comments :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Punishment And Reward

Some bosses are stricter than others...

Thanks to Hrdknight and Evie for their comments :)

A Bad Connection

Always double check what you're doing before things come back to bite you in the arse!

Can you tell that I've been watching too much Ghost In The Shell again? XD

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Viral Shopping

Even newly crafted women need to go shopping and a way to fund those trips!


Revenge is a dish best served at any temperature ;)

Thanks to Josey14 for her last comment :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012


We always want things in life, and sometimes the path to get there is somewhat unusual.

Thanks to Nadine and Josey14 for their comments. :)

Friday, 13 April 2012


Just because something is unbelievable doesn't mean that it is great and exactly what you wanted.

While this has been one sitting around for a while, I made this caption for Isobelle, one of the best cappers out there on the web. Her blog is one of my favourite places to visit as her caps are beautiful and clearly heartfelt, if somewhat too heterosexual for my tastes ;). If you haven't checked it out, why the hell not?!
This picture was posted on her site and I thought it would be perfect to make one for her, so Izzy sweetie, here's one for you!

Keeping An Eye On Things

Who needs drugs and stimulants when what nature provides your body is just so much more powerful?

This is one of those caps that was sitting on my desktop taunting me. I had started it, but lost the emphasis to work on it as I went through. A bad situation as I always end up stuck for days on everything when that happens. Sucks.
So while I'm not totally happy with the outcome, I'm glad I have it finished so I can move onto better things!

Thanks to Chaosbeast for the comment :)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's Gone!

I've probably said this before but its worth saying again. Be careful what you wish for!

Now while I'm working on new stories and the like, I have made a challenge for all of you out there who want to try their hand at writing. You have a week at a time to write as long and/or as many stories over 1000 words to a set theme. The prize, Kara points, which can be redeemed for fantastic prizes (such as the Overlady not destroying you when she takes over the world ;) ). It doesn't matter how good or experienced you are, its just a bit of fun!
For more details and to join in, head over to Rachel's Haven and check out the 'Throwing Down The Gauntlet' thread. The Gauntlet Challenge awaits ;)

Thanks to Evie for her comment on the last cap :) Quite work, babe :)

Call First....

Just a bit of courtesy can save a lot of bother...

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You Just Need To Look

Imagine what you could find....

Sorry for not getting any caps up in the last couple of days. Between visiting family and doing things with the folks, I haven't had much time to get anything done and when I have, my inspiration has been a little bit shot. It sucks but there you go.

The problem about creating so many captions is that after a while you forget the titles you have used in the past, even if the story is different (don't think I've repeated anything yet!). This one was called Reformed on my desktop, but then I discovered I already had a cap called that posted here. Plot line was different, but can't use the same title now can I? Oh well, alls well that ends well.

Been busy working on my full writing though. Coming close to having a few new stories up for everyone to read. All of them can so far be found in the library section of Rachel's Haven, but I will be working on some exclusive pieces for TF-media. What can I say? I like making different things for different websites. Keeps my stuff fresh. 

Got several more mainstream pieces in the mix, some already done to first stage (writing, but awaiting a read through  and editing to make sure they are all good to go) and others just starting out. As soon as I have them available, I'll drop info here for you all to pick up on!

I'm also just starting work on a script for an audio drama, if anyone wants to take up a role in it, head over to Rachel's Haven and check out the thread on it in the forum. Leave some details about you and pick up the rules I've placed. Should be good once it all gets going!

Thanks to Nadine, Sedra, Chaosbeast and Hrdknight for their comments :)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Laying Down The Law

There is a place for rules and a place for secrets. Guess where she'll be keeping both.

I'm being surprisingly productive today, considering I only had an hour and a half sleep last night! I blame it on Minecraft, a bout of insomnia and chatting on Yahoo to some cool people! They know who they are ;)

Thanks to Hrdknight for the comment :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Caught Studying

Never be arrogant when it comes to studying or knowledge, someone is always bound to make you pay for it.

Not quite what I had envisioned for this one, but I'm feeling a little stuck on ideas today, much to my irritation since I want to do so much today. Anyways, at least I have something out!

Thanks to Hrdknight and MooCow Tracy for their comments :)

A Long Task

There are some things that just seem to take forever to do!

Well since its Good Friday, I get a day off from work (yay!) sooooo I plan on making it a good day for writing! Going to try and produce several caps and work on the stories I have on the go as well, and I hope to finish at least one short story and a chapter of one of the longer pieces I have on the go. So long as I don't get distracted by anything of course......

Now this cap I actually wrote last night, but I was distracted by minecraft (again! Building my own version of Skyrim's Solitude city, to be called Landdown, since it's on a land bridge ;) and railway making is too addictive in that game! ) but since I died by falling into lava while hunting for fresh resources, losing everything I did have, I called a halt to it and went back to trying to do some actual work!!

Thanks to Isobelle Nicole, Chaosbeast, Hrdknight and Calla 91 for their recent comments. I think I need to keep a better log of who comments rather than just relying on my email!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fantasy Risks

There are always risks, and for adventurers that isn't always some beast or bandit willing to end them.

Sorry about no captions yesterday, I was suffering from bad brain fog, the inevitable counterpoint I get after a post story high, the great feeling I get after I produce anything longer than, oh about one thousand five hundred words. I have to work through the high, focus on something else or its a bitch to get anything else created. Since I finished something at stupid o'clock the previous night, I had no hope of beating it. Still I did create a fully working railway line in Minecraft..... *shrugs

Anyhoo enough of my rambling, enjoy the cap!

Thanks to Calla 91 for her comment on the last cap :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

All It Took

Simple spells can be sooooo satisfying ;)

Thanks to Ogrenix, Hrdknight and SP2000 for their comments :)

Don't forget to keep checking out the new TF-Media site for exclusive captions from me either!