Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dramatic Shifts

And she is worth ten thousand pounds a year!

This happens to have been the cap that broke the block this morning, and it was just one of the random ideas that popped into my head that ended up with this one being created. I was going to throw the picture away, but it sudden sparked off in my mind and, well this was the result!

Ok so its a bit of a silly one but I thought it would make a bit of a change of pace for me and my caption writing, and since it helped to ungum the cogs in my mind, well its all good!


  1. Absolutely priceless! A few typos, but the story is wonderful - love the twisted Jane Austen ending.

  2. Sorry to add a second comment, but has anyone one else noticed that the words we are asked to type to show we are not robots would be great as magic spells - the last one was monsio ourogra