Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You Just Need To Look

Imagine what you could find....

Sorry for not getting any caps up in the last couple of days. Between visiting family and doing things with the folks, I haven't had much time to get anything done and when I have, my inspiration has been a little bit shot. It sucks but there you go.

The problem about creating so many captions is that after a while you forget the titles you have used in the past, even if the story is different (don't think I've repeated anything yet!). This one was called Reformed on my desktop, but then I discovered I already had a cap called that posted here. Plot line was different, but can't use the same title now can I? Oh well, alls well that ends well.

Been busy working on my full writing though. Coming close to having a few new stories up for everyone to read. All of them can so far be found in the library section of Rachel's Haven, but I will be working on some exclusive pieces for TF-media. What can I say? I like making different things for different websites. Keeps my stuff fresh. 

Got several more mainstream pieces in the mix, some already done to first stage (writing, but awaiting a read through  and editing to make sure they are all good to go) and others just starting out. As soon as I have them available, I'll drop info here for you all to pick up on!

I'm also just starting work on a script for an audio drama, if anyone wants to take up a role in it, head over to Rachel's Haven and check out the thread on it in the forum. Leave some details about you and pick up the rules I've placed. Should be good once it all gets going!

Thanks to Nadine, Sedra, Chaosbeast and Hrdknight for their comments :)

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  1. Nice cap, if only we could find more things like this out in the world. :)

    Can you provide a link to your audio script for us on your front wall as well? I tried to look through the RH forums and either just missed it or couldn't find it :(