Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Just to keep you informed

Hey folks, first off, big thanks to everyone who has commented over the last week. Means a lot that you guys are hanging here even without new captions being posted.

Just thought I'd keep you abreast of things so you can get an idea of when I might be able to bring new content your way.

I have the hard drive removed from my damaged laptop, but I don't know what to do to recover the data even with the so called 'plug and play' caddy thing I have. Technology and me don't get along at the best of times, let alone moments like this. I think I may have to go and see a professional back when I manage to get home next because quite simply I'm sick to death of walking around to get to any of the stores here in my university town and then having to hang about when I get there for god knows how long. Besides, local guys tend to charge less and get the job done to a better standard, at least most of the time.

If I can get the data saved (please let me get a win on this one....) then I will be uploading what I have ready just so you guys can get some content. It won't be all I would have hoped to bring you, but its better than nothing.

But apart from my technical inabilities and clusterfuck skills, I'm getting busier with my actual course material now, with tests and assignments coming thick and fast over the next few weeks till Christmas pretty much. I'll do what I can, but no promises I'm afraid. That and my depression over what has happened hasn't inspired me to be all that creative anyway.

That aside, I hope to have better news and content for you lovely lot soon, so until then, take care everyone!!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bad News

Well folks, I got my laptop checked out at the apple store (at last why they don't just do a fucking walk in service I dont know..) and it isn't good news. While the hard drive may be ok, which is what they said, maybe, the rest of the lower section is not and they quoted me £550 to repair it. You can imagine what my response was to that! Seriously, two thirds the price of a new machine to repair one that is four years old? Yeah fuck off. They also decided that they wouldn't just help me there and then by say, taking out the hard drive and saving my data noooooo, they said to go to another store and buy the 'caddy' and do it myself. Well fuck you Apple!! If you're not going to really help me, don't expect me to spend money on your products in the future!!

What that means for this blog is that if I can save my harddrive, there will just be a delay in new caps, if I can't well apart from the feeling of committing suicide at the loss of eight years plus of my life and all I have done in that time, it will mean a bigger delay as I both get new images to work with and learn how to use the programs I have on the machine I'm using now. On the plus side, even if I do save my old data, I'll still have to learn how to use those programs, so the quality of the caption's design should go up.

Anyhoo folks, I'll keep you informed as to what is going on, in between bouts of studying, depression and burning the CEO and staff of Apple in effigy!!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Delays, god fucking damn it

Hey folks! Let me start by saying, I'm working my way through the birthday requests and had got a good half way through them along with some extras to keep it all stocked up for a nice big upload for you all to enjoy. Other caps were taking a back seat somewhat as a result which is why I hadn't uploaded anything of late.
The problem is that I now can't upload anything as I spilt a drink over my laptop, thus nuking it. Fuck. I think I'll be able to get things recovered but my keyboard seems fucked as does the power since it started turning itself on and off repeatidly. Great. Still I've got an appointment to get it seen to this Saturday because as it turns out, the Apple store here in my current city are a slice of fucking useless and won't do anything without an appointment. Luckily I didn't have any assignments on the laptop at the moment and have a couple of weeks in hand before I have my turn in dates. You'd have thought that in a university city, the computer stores would be on the spot for any problems that cropped up. Genius Bar? I have more intelligent nails.

Anyhoo, ranting aside, we have just passed another big milestone here at the Caption Corner. 3 MILLION VIEWS!!! You guys are awesome!!! Expect extra caps to come your way for the milestone, you know, when my laptop with its stock of images and the correct programmes I use to make captions is back in working order!!

So anyhow, catch you later sweeties!