Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bad News

Well folks, I got my laptop checked out at the apple store (at last why they don't just do a fucking walk in service I dont know..) and it isn't good news. While the hard drive may be ok, which is what they said, maybe, the rest of the lower section is not and they quoted me £550 to repair it. You can imagine what my response was to that! Seriously, two thirds the price of a new machine to repair one that is four years old? Yeah fuck off. They also decided that they wouldn't just help me there and then by say, taking out the hard drive and saving my data noooooo, they said to go to another store and buy the 'caddy' and do it myself. Well fuck you Apple!! If you're not going to really help me, don't expect me to spend money on your products in the future!!

What that means for this blog is that if I can save my harddrive, there will just be a delay in new caps, if I can't well apart from the feeling of committing suicide at the loss of eight years plus of my life and all I have done in that time, it will mean a bigger delay as I both get new images to work with and learn how to use the programs I have on the machine I'm using now. On the plus side, even if I do save my old data, I'll still have to learn how to use those programs, so the quality of the caption's design should go up.

Anyhoo folks, I'll keep you informed as to what is going on, in between bouts of studying, depression and burning the CEO and staff of Apple in effigy!!


  1. Take your time. Get your comp fixed on your own terms, Kara. I'm sure your return will be one of rejoice.

  2. That sucks. I've never been a fan of the apple store and repair people. Hope you're able to save your harddrive.

  3. go to a local pc shop. they usually offer onsite repair services and are friendlier and better priced