Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Just to keep you informed

Hey folks, first off, big thanks to everyone who has commented over the last week. Means a lot that you guys are hanging here even without new captions being posted.

Just thought I'd keep you abreast of things so you can get an idea of when I might be able to bring new content your way.

I have the hard drive removed from my damaged laptop, but I don't know what to do to recover the data even with the so called 'plug and play' caddy thing I have. Technology and me don't get along at the best of times, let alone moments like this. I think I may have to go and see a professional back when I manage to get home next because quite simply I'm sick to death of walking around to get to any of the stores here in my university town and then having to hang about when I get there for god knows how long. Besides, local guys tend to charge less and get the job done to a better standard, at least most of the time.

If I can get the data saved (please let me get a win on this one....) then I will be uploading what I have ready just so you guys can get some content. It won't be all I would have hoped to bring you, but its better than nothing.

But apart from my technical inabilities and clusterfuck skills, I'm getting busier with my actual course material now, with tests and assignments coming thick and fast over the next few weeks till Christmas pretty much. I'll do what I can, but no promises I'm afraid. That and my depression over what has happened hasn't inspired me to be all that creative anyway.

That aside, I hope to have better news and content for you lovely lot soon, so until then, take care everyone!!


  1. No worries Kara. I'm sure we all wish better for you.

  2. Been there and done that with bad luck with a string of MacBooks myself. Frankly, you've done the hard part just getting your hard drive safely out of the case. Should be a simple matter of getting it hooked up with a SATA reader to a new computer and then spending several hours copying the data. Best of luck and cheers to you.

  3. once you put the Hard Drive in the caddy, it will work like a regular thumb drive