Saturday, 31 January 2015

Hoping To Make A Choice

Sometimes you've just gotta go with the flow.

Man I'm having such a lazy day today! I have been awake since 6 or something equally silly this morning, but I haven't got out of my PJs all day! Oh well its saturday, I'll do some studying to make up for it! Make a change from reading Tg fiction on my kindle (though Tanya Allan's stuff is great :) )

Thanks to Frantic Eddie, Feargas, SP2000 and Ambyr for their comments :) Glad you guys liked the caps :)

Friday, 30 January 2015

IT LIVES!!!!! Also known as, no despite appearances, I'm not dead.

*brushes off the cobwebs and restarts the bunker's generators* Whoops, guess I shouldn't have left that genetic experiment running while I was out....

*gets the radio broadcast equipment running*

Hello all of you out there in blogger land! That's right this disused frequency is back on the air! First of all, just want to say sorry for not being around for the last few months. Things got kinda hectic with my university course as I had assignments and exams filling much of the time that I really had to focus on, then I just lost all my creative drive and its been hell trying to reclaim it. So while I had a few ideas, I just couldn't seem to get anything down on paper.

Well the good news is that while updates still won't be as frequent as they have been in previous years, I'm going to try and bring what I can to this site when my creativity and uni demands permit. Its likely its going to be once a week rather than everyday, but considering that I've put up nothing new for months, some is better than nothing!

Now, I have finally got all the requests from my birthday post finished (believe me, I had some trouble with them, though I've tried to get them worked on over the months of creative drought) so you'll see all of them on this post, and I have a few extras to add to the pot too, so break out the party hats and the booze!

Right, I'm going to try and knuckle down to get some more content created, so see you all soon sweethearts! Now if you'll excuse me, some monsters have taken up residence in my bunker and its time to serve them an eviction notice

*racks slide on a shotgun*

 First up, just a random one I decided to make to start the ball rolling

 Khronostar asked for a cap with me turning into a 46 year old MILF

Ambyr wanted a romantic one
 These two were my attempts at meeting the request from Frantic Eddie who wanted a dark body theft tale. The first one, well I didn't think it was too dark so I tried again.
One I just decided to make and add to the mix, probably because I hate drinking alone and this idea seemed to fit!

Feargas, Be3 (yeah not going for that long chain of letters and numbers!) and Ryan Penny all asked for pregnancy caps.
Melina asked for something with leather or latex, what do you think of the result?

Kyranora asked for something with redheads, lesbians and forced sex change so this is the result of that!

 Fun fun wanted lesbian pregnancy as a theme so there you go!
 Drake asked for a werewoman cap. Now I've never used the theme before so I hope it turned out ok
 Pusywillow asked for a gynarchy theme with the man becoming the mother of the wife's kids
And finally Ajoi wanted a magic anime cap. This one I found the hardest to get an image I liked to build a plot around, but I'm rather happy with the end result of this.

After my computer problems of last year, I had to get hold of a new programme to work with, so I'm now using Comic Life 3. Its taking a while to get used to, but I like the new style I can produce with it. The anime cap was my latest experiment with it, so what do you guys think?

The other caps I have made I'll be uploading in the coming days. At least it means you guys have something to look forward to and I have something to upload for a change!

So till next time sweeties!