Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Small Adjustment Problem

Even if you mange to cross the gender divide, no one ever said that everything would go smoothly for you even years down the line ;)

Friday, 29 July 2011

Dear Diary..

This image just screamed out for a story like this!

Well then, I'm glad people are still watching this blog of mine, certainly been a lot of fun creating it :), and I'm pleased that people see fit to comment on some of the caps I'm making for you all. All feedback helps because then I know what you like and don't like about my blog!
Right now, however, I'm going to be focusing on some proper story writing, something I've neglected since starting this site (caps seem to be swallowing more time up than they used to. Weird) and well I like writing! So while I get some pieces done, there *might* be less updates here. I highly doubt it however, since my muse does tend to leap about pretty quickly and kicks me in the arse if I don't create something at least everyday and follow through on the ideas that pop into existence in my mind.
Just thought I'd give you lot a heads up in case it does happen so you don't forget about this place altogether. 

Now if you'll excuse me, my fingers are twitching ready to write out stuff and I need to nurse my increasingly sore knee. A note for you all, cauterising wounds fucking hurts when the anaesthetic starts to wear off!!

Dealing With Unemployment: The New Works Programme

Governments will just try anything these days won't they?

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Escape Attempts

Machine Dramas... again

Honestly I don't know what it is with me and machines, but things always seem to go haywire whenever I'm trying to use them.
This morning, while trying to watch a video online, my whole damn computer froze up, wouldn't clear or unlock and the only solution was to force the whole thing to shut down and restart. Of course as a result I lost shit loads of things I had been working on, and I'm not sure what I might have lost.
Of course, this includes the captions I was working on since Comic Life the programme I use to create them doesn't autosave ANYTHING! So I lost about four new caps and all the text from a couple of others. Fantastic huh?
Well anyway, I'll be bringing you the usual selection of captions for today. Once I've stopped punching the wall in frustration and shot the fucking creators of word for putting the same fucking message up every five seconds. And the two babies bawling their fucking heads off outside. I'm not a morning person...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Rough Day In The Guard

Guard duty is never easy....

Yes another medieval and fantasy themed caption, but hey I happen to like that theme. But then I also like sci-fi, steampunk, pregnancy, anything lesbian........

Soldier's Inspiration

Ok so this is a somewhat silly one, but hey the picture just sparked off the idea in my head! You have to admit though, she does look good in those metallic undies posing under that bomber ;)

Monday, 25 July 2011

A Walk On The Other Side

A walk in the jungle has some unexpected consequences for this holiday maker

Thanks to Sp2000 and Sedra for their comments. Love you both! :)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

100 Captions Gift - Trust

That's right sweeties, one hundred original caps made for this blog in under three months! It's been fun and I hope you'll continue to read and follow my blog.

Until next time, just trust me ;)

Tracked Down

Saturday, 23 July 2011

A Better Life

Adjustment As Requested

The Kej Institute. For those times when talking with the men in your life just won't cut it.

Sorry that this is so late in coming today, but I was up stupidly early to go to work for the day and by the time I got back home I was just so damn tired I had to fall asleep! Still I hope you enjoy this one, and I'll try and get another one up for today.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Yeah I know how she feels! On that note, I'm heading back to sleep myself!

BattleTech - The Grey Avenger

Now this would be reality TV I would watch!

Ok so maybe I've been watching too many similar things recently, and this is very Running Man with some of it's references, but hey at least I didn't add in some crappy puns, bad eighties music and random dancing girls. Well the girls would be welcome I suppose ;)
This was primarily inspired by the cool Game Of Change universe created by the awesome Tomlin89 over at Rachel's Haven. Been working on caps for that 'verse and for her recently so the ideas kinda got stuck in my mind a bit...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Body Trap

Beware of women offering sex. You never know what the cost might be...

Mine Now

Boyfriends are such scumbags. Its why I've never bothered with them, especially after I saw what my sister went through with her bunch. Boys just ain't worth the hassle.

Now this cap was meant to be a revenge style one, the younger sister taking the boyfriend and making him into her girl to spite the older sister, but well things changed as I was writing it. Kinda like this version more to be honest.

Sorry for not uploading caps yesterday, I was busy getting ready for work and by the time I got home, I was too exhausted to write anything! Guess you can kinda expect that every Wednesday, though I will try to upload things if I can.

Thanks to Alectra, Sedra, SP2000, and Tiffany for their comments. :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Risk, Reward And Punishment

Rhea's Apocalypse: New Beginnings

Ok so maybe I've been watching The Walking Dead too much of late, but I always did think that zombie apocalypse media could be spiced up if the main character had some 'body alterations' thrown in. Besides, this picture was just too much fun not to play around with a bit ;)

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ok so I'm kinda breaking my own rule with this one since I had made it for Rachel's Haven, but hey it's my cap so I can upload it where I like!
Well with this one, I had promised the girls over at the Haven that I would make a cap to do with the new boots I ordered off the net which arrived today. True to my word, I did just that and this is the result.
The image is of the boots and that is me wearing them by the way. 
Hey if you got it, flaunt it!

Special - Caught Off Balance

You just can't trust some people can you?

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Benefits Of A Witchy Friend

Relationship problems? She's got a spell for that!

Through The Looking Glass

Not all magic mirrors led to crazy worlds created by a drug addled mind or to fantasy worlds filled with evil witches. Some lead to what could be called paradise ;)

The Resistance

Breaking In The New Girl

A night at this club might just cost you more than the contents of your wallet!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Girl's Summer Holiday

A somewhat more uncommon way of dealing with a cheating boyfriend ;)

Friday, 15 July 2011


Well she might have been screwed over by a friend, but she did get a hot body in the bargain!

Sorry if this one is a bit weird towards the end. I was trying to write it in the back of the car travelling at 70mph down the motorway. Feeling queasy is not a good way to write a caption!

Revenge Is Sweet

Never doubt a woman's capacity for getting her own back, even if they happened to have been a man only a short while before.

Though you have to wonder where she got that outfit from if she is so pissed at the guy ;)

Thanks to Alectra for her comment on the last cap. Thanks sweetie.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Core

You'd have thought by now that most aliens would have learned not to piss of human women. Wasn't Ripley enough of a lesson?


Best end of the deal? Yeah, I'd say she got that!

Because Of You

If you are ever in charge of an infectious patient, make sure they can't get out through the door...

Made For The Job

In today's work environment sometimes the best candidate doesn't meet the recruiting standard for diversity and the like. This place found a way to ensure that the best candidates always meet the criteria they strive and search for ;)

Sorry for not uploading anything yesterday. Real life got in the way and by the time I got back from work last night I wasn't in much of a mood to write anything. In fact all I was in the mood for was to get blind stinking drunk and try and erase the night from my mind!
So anyways, I'll be striving to upload more than the normal amount today to make up for that. Let's hope I don't get struck with any more writer's block today!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Dealing With An Error

Sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow when a mistake happens, and just sometimes, what you were trying to do is easier for it.

Bad Move

Never try to change people against their will. Sometimes it's going to backfire in a big way ;)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Hoping It's Temporary

Unexpected Situations

Even when you've had your body stolen by crazy scientists, while the undead swarm the streets, life can still give you a kick in the teeth.  Or in this case, the bladder. Can't exactly stop for a bathroom break when the undead are attacking. They think nothing of getting you when your drawers are down around your ankles! 

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Special - New Sister

As promised, here is the special cap for today. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this one :)

This Is Not A Dream

Don't deny it, you'd love to wake up to see this ;)

Summer Boobs, Not Summer Blues

Posing For His Girl

Because I love knee high socks ;)

Questing Dangers

One of the more enjoyable risks of undertaking quests ;)

Don't you wish you had me as a DM? ;)


I know I promised to get more caps uploaded yesterday, but after I got home from owrk I had any number of internet dramas to deal with and couldn't actually use the net at all. So sorry for not getting more to you yesterday and in return I'll bring you more today. Two for yesterday, two for today and a special one as an added bonus for not having anything.
So until I bring you the first one, laters sweeties.

Friday, 8 July 2011

One Humiliation Too Far

Sorry this one is a bit late. I had a bout of writer's block earlier and couldn't get something I thought was good enough out and I think it's shabby to upload work done for other sites on my own, despite the fact it's my own stuff. Trying to keep things separate here, even if it does mean a higher workload!
Also, I've been kinda getting stuck into Dawn of War Winter Assault. Hey any chance to play some unlucky humans fighting some big nasties in the galaxy with little more than a glorified flashlight is good for me! XD

Anyways, I'll be getting up two for Friday so keep your eyes on the site! Never know what I might bring you next!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Anniversary Gift

That's right boys and girls, it's officially been two months since I started this blog. It's been great fun creating stuff for my own little place on the web, even if sometimes it's been a challenge to get the material out in time for the amount and deadlines i set for myself.

So here's a few stats for you.

Since I started back in May, there have been a total of 57,814 views at the time I post this.

The highest amount of views comes from the States with a total of 32,831 views with my own wonderful island of the UK coming in second with 5,314 with Germany coming in third place with 4,819.

The highest views for a particular time happened on the 30th of June at 22:00 (or ten oclock at night for you civvies out there ;) ) with 213 views for the hour.

35% of views used Firefox, with Internet explorer coming in second with 30% and for operating systems, Windows is the run away winner with 46,800 or 80% of the total. 

Diane's site was both the highest referring URL and site with 3774 and 4300 points respectively with TGcomics second for referring URL and Alectra's Playground for referring site.

And thanks go to google for providing me with those details as part of the blogger service!

So all my love to you lot for coming to visit my home on the web and I hope you keep coming back to see what else I bring you in the weeks and months to come.
Special thanks to SP2000, Alectra and Sedra for their comments. Love you all!

Sorry for any errors in this cap, I made it in about four minutes to get in done before midnight. Downside to having to work tonight and not having any inspiration earlier today!

Clothing Issues

If you're going to wear something a little bit less mainstream, it is always a good idea to practice with it before heading out and needing to deal with it in a rush.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Determined to get out, determined not to let his life be ruined. determined to continue the work he loved, but mainly determined not to get a run in his stockings ;)