Friday, 15 July 2011

Revenge Is Sweet

Never doubt a woman's capacity for getting her own back, even if they happened to have been a man only a short while before.

Though you have to wonder where she got that outfit from if she is so pissed at the guy ;)

Thanks to Alectra for her comment on the last cap. Thanks sweetie.


  1. Of course that would fall in the category of bitter mistress at the peak of being angry at her pet in front of her for getting on the way of her own plans, but of course that's just my wild imagination running all over this comment...

    I love that dress and I love that attitude pose in the pic that Bianca is doing, she has to be the most sexy gal in the planet... uhmmm but Susan Wayland is good too and Ancilla Tilia and Masuimi Max "giggle" I cannot decide on them ^-^

    Great Story Kara Good Job! you pushed some of my buttons with this one, really fitted for my sometimes "bitcher" attitude heh!
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Nice caption, but I have to admit the image doesn't match well. Although I can't blame you if this was the only one that inspired the caption.

    Speaking of the image though, that is a great one of Bianca Beauchamp.

  3. Yeah this one proved to be a real bitch to come up with a caption for, but it's been sitting around since before the fall of TF-media waiting to be done. Had a major problem with coming up with caps a couple of days back. Had the images and half done ideas in my head, but getting it to the page.. well that is a problem whenever a mild touch of the dreaded block arises!

    Thanks for the comments you two! Keeps me inspired to make more caps when i know people like and respond to them! :)