Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Anniversary Gift

That's right boys and girls, it's officially been two months since I started this blog. It's been great fun creating stuff for my own little place on the web, even if sometimes it's been a challenge to get the material out in time for the amount and deadlines i set for myself.

So here's a few stats for you.

Since I started back in May, there have been a total of 57,814 views at the time I post this.

The highest amount of views comes from the States with a total of 32,831 views with my own wonderful island of the UK coming in second with 5,314 with Germany coming in third place with 4,819.

The highest views for a particular time happened on the 30th of June at 22:00 (or ten oclock at night for you civvies out there ;) ) with 213 views for the hour.

35% of views used Firefox, with Internet explorer coming in second with 30% and for operating systems, Windows is the run away winner with 46,800 or 80% of the total. 

Diane's site was both the highest referring URL and site with 3774 and 4300 points respectively with TGcomics second for referring URL and Alectra's Playground for referring site.

And thanks go to google for providing me with those details as part of the blogger service!

So all my love to you lot for coming to visit my home on the web and I hope you keep coming back to see what else I bring you in the weeks and months to come.
Special thanks to SP2000, Alectra and Sedra for their comments. Love you all!

Sorry for any errors in this cap, I made it in about four minutes to get in done before midnight. Downside to having to work tonight and not having any inspiration earlier today!


  1. Outstanding caption for a great image!

    Congrats on two months. Can't wait to see what you have after a year.

  2. More Briefings Hah hah hah!

    Now onto the cap:

    Great just for looking at your blog i get to be transformed into what i want to be a buxom dark haired girl!

    Keep up the good work and like Sp, I cannot wait to see you how you will be doing in a year and how you improve more and more with every new month.
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra