Friday, 6 April 2012

A Long Task

There are some things that just seem to take forever to do!

Well since its Good Friday, I get a day off from work (yay!) sooooo I plan on making it a good day for writing! Going to try and produce several caps and work on the stories I have on the go as well, and I hope to finish at least one short story and a chapter of one of the longer pieces I have on the go. So long as I don't get distracted by anything of course......

Now this cap I actually wrote last night, but I was distracted by minecraft (again! Building my own version of Skyrim's Solitude city, to be called Landdown, since it's on a land bridge ;) and railway making is too addictive in that game! ) but since I died by falling into lava while hunting for fresh resources, losing everything I did have, I called a halt to it and went back to trying to do some actual work!!

Thanks to Isobelle Nicole, Chaosbeast, Hrdknight and Calla 91 for their recent comments. I think I need to keep a better log of who comments rather than just relying on my email!


  1. I liked this one a lot Kara. Good to read an uplifting tale of triumph once in a while. Nice work!

  2. Great cap. Loved the story and the pic. Of course, Debra Jo always had great hair...