Saturday, 7 April 2012

Laying Down The Law

There is a place for rules and a place for secrets. Guess where she'll be keeping both.

I'm being surprisingly productive today, considering I only had an hour and a half sleep last night! I blame it on Minecraft, a bout of insomnia and chatting on Yahoo to some cool people! They know who they are ;)

Thanks to Hrdknight for the comment :)


  1. Im sure she can avoid telling her mom how special the sleep over was for a while. Meanwhile I'm going to be enjoying the next thunderstorm from my roof.

    Only an hour and a half of sleep? maybe its time to ration the minecraft? Though, I only got three hours because I was up playing FFXIII. So nice to meet you pot, I'm kettle.

  2. great cap hun, loved it. sorry i'v been so scarest lately i'v been working longggggg hours and want only sleep. i will look for you. happy easter hugggs, Sedra.

  3. Too bad that those lightnings didn't happen over here. However I wouldn't have a mother to impose such laws on me as I'm past that age to become a young girl. ^^