Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fantasy Risks

There are always risks, and for adventurers that isn't always some beast or bandit willing to end them.

Sorry about no captions yesterday, I was suffering from bad brain fog, the inevitable counterpoint I get after a post story high, the great feeling I get after I produce anything longer than, oh about one thousand five hundred words. I have to work through the high, focus on something else or its a bitch to get anything else created. Since I finished something at stupid o'clock the previous night, I had no hope of beating it. Still I did create a fully working railway line in Minecraft..... *shrugs

Anyhoo enough of my rambling, enjoy the cap!

Thanks to Calla 91 for her comment on the last cap :)


  1. But every risk also comes with its own rewards. even if those rewards aren't what you expected.

  2. Excellent cap and advice Kara! Really like this one and love the picture choice. Some one once said anything that comes without risk is probably not worth your time.