Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Price Of Crime

Crime never pays. Except for those with the brains to keep things as they should be....

First off, sorry I haven't uploaded anything for a couple of weeks. I've been down ill and despite trying was just unable to work on anything. So a lot of my workload fell by the wayside and I have yet to get back to full speed on it all. I do however, have a nice long chain of captions all ready to go and be uploaded here now so I won't be running dry for a couple of days at least! Advantage to giving myself a 'two caps a day' upload rate here. Means I don't have to upload everything I have all at once and then go quiet again!

Secondly, I'm thinking about conducting a bit of a spring clean around here, change the look a bit and such like. If you have anything you would like to see on this blog, from creative work to links to other places and such, just drop a comment below and I'll see what can be done! The first step has been to change my avatar here, so before you ask, yes those actually are my legs. I think they look pretty good in those red trousers don't you?

So until next time, enjoy!

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