Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Caught This Time

Can the rebellion survive?

Hey folks, sorry there hasn't been any updates of late. Last week I just couldn't find any inpsiration to work on anything, and when I got home, I tended to crash right out and fall asleep within minutes. Well I needed to catch up on my sleep a bit! Did get a bunch written on Saturday and Sunday, but I was away at a trade show for my job yesterday so nothing was uploaded from the new batch. Anyway, there is new stuff this week so I hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Bree McAdams and pusywillow1950 for their comments

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  1. hey sis, trust me, I know the feeling. that's all i'v been doing, work sleep, work sleep, I hope these hours end soon. i'v not been ignoring anyone just no energy to get online. hope your doing good and I miss our chats. hope your not mad at me. hugs Sedra.