Monday, 3 February 2014

Unsettled Shifting

Well at least it happened while they were still at home....

Wow, we're almost at two million views here! Final stretch folks! Ok dicision time, do you want a series to run up to the next milestone marker or one after that? Or on the other side, would you rather see the normal stand alone (just without Section 9 and Major Kusanagi mores the pity. Always did like her purple hair....) captions? Choices in the comment section below!! Same goes for anything you want to see in my captions.

Thanks to Ian, Ambyr and Alana Tgirl for their comments :)


  1. Kara, I like this one. Really nice premise! >:)

  2. I totally agree with him/her about wanting to stay in ONE body....especially being in the female form.....that would be MY choice too.
    LOVE the Cap. =D

  3. I so wanna look down and see that view! Love the cap!

  4. I can empathize with feeling caught between the two.

    As to your question, I'd choose individuals, but if you feel inspiration for a series, go with that. Don't waste what you get from your muse.

  5. Right, be true to yourself... you seem better than most sci fi/magic inspired themes... Sci Fi is important to me because there seem to be routes to sexual role and function freedom that reasonable projections of scientific progress allows. Given that we want what welieving it want and that there is a demand to break the chains of sex, reproduction, nurturing and power that bind us now and become who ever we want to become. So for me it is fulfilling and rewarding to imagine while believing it is possible and practical that I or some one like me could be physically changed at the most basic level and be happy in a new relationship where my role is provide sexual gratification for my partner, birthing, breast milk and nurturing for our children. Reveresed role or mixed roles and everything in between with role reversal from boss to secretary at work or outside breadwinner to housewife etc excites me. Bigger female warriors with protected eggs using males as the ones with most of the exposed, sensitive sexually active tissue like lactating breasts and a penis is another iteration. This is just to say there is an audience for this and it more informed by what is possible than you might think. So, thanks for inviting our opinions. But follow your muse.

  6. cool caption, i can see transforming randomly being a problem, but could be fun at the same time ^^

    as for your future works, it would be cool to see a series at some point, so my vote is to do that, but do love your stand alone ones to ^^