Monday, 26 September 2011

A Moment's Interlude...

Hey there folks just a quick thing from me for the moment. I am working on brand new caps for here so please don't change that channel, but first I'd just like to take a moment for a quick announcement....

GEARS OF WAR 3 IS FUCKING IMMENSE!!!!! I just completed the single player campaign and WOW!!!!!!! That was simply amazing! If you haven't played it yet, what are you waiting for? Lonesome Road add on can wait folks, and the war in the galaxy in Space Marine will still be there for you to get torn to shreds by a deamon in soon enough, so go on, get down there and grab your Lancer. It's time to bring the hurt to them Locust bitches! Whoo!!

Fucking twenty out of ten and forty two stars! ITS THAT AWESOME!!!!

I'll now return you to your regular scheduled broadcast. Stay tuned for fresh captions and word of new stories from yours truly (which in fact I have about a half dozen new ones all ready in the works, a couple of further tales in my already established universes and a whole brand new concept soon to be winging its way onto the web!), so until next time, please select whichever random closer statement you prefer while I go and gut me some more alien nasties. I've got my own universes to win, let alone those given to me in games and books!!

Now where did I leave my combat armour?


  1. Gears 3 is pretty sweet. Far better than Gears 2, which by itself was awesome. I agree, grab your Lancer and fuck shit up!!!

  2. I still need to get Gears of War 3 and I was planning on getting another game before it, but your remarks have made me want to get it as soon as possible. I need to think this over more.