Monday, 21 November 2011

Is there a black hole over my head or something?

Ok folks, let me start off by apologising for not getting any caps to you this weekend. It was my intention to get several to you, but I had to go into work on Saturday and I was too exhausted when I got home to make anything. Today, well I seem to have come down with something (or at least the starts of it) and I've been feeling awful all day. With any luck I'll feel better tomorrow and get the caps I have been planning over to you lovely lot.

Now for the second thing. Once again it seems that all my free time is being sucked away from me. Apart from my normal working hours, I keep getting pulled into do more and more and so my chances for captioning are getting fewer, and lets not even talk about my story writing!! I'll be away this coming weekend on a training course, followed by the first or second weekend in December. Hopefully I won't get stuck with any more crazy hours and requests or I think I might go utterly crazy!

Now then, time for me to get some rest and hopefully heal up a bit before work this week. Even have to deal with an MRI!! Ah a week in the life of me! XD

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