Saturday, 9 June 2012

Play Time Is Just Beginning - An Experimental Piece

Ancient spirits are not always as evil as they might appear to be

Well boys, girls and inbetweens, I know how much I've been negleting things here of late, and I hate not having been able to get anything up here but between being busy and trying to figure out how to restore my stolen and returned Mac to its previous condition, things have been falling by the wayside somewhat.
So to try and rectify this problem, I went through the files on my backup machine (a Dell I brought in error when I thought I'd been needing it for an Open University course, turned out I didn't but the machine has proven useful in allowing me to play the Dawn Of War games!!) and the files I had stored on it.
Now I obviously wouldn't have all my old pieces, my stories and everything else I normally work on, but I did have a stock of images I have yet to use for any caps. However, I was stuck on the programme to make them, since the trail of Comic Life had run out and I don't like its PC version anyway, and all I had left was GIMP i had downloaded but never used.

Thanks to Rachel's Haven and the toolbox for caption making it has there, I was able to muddle my way through the programme and make this caption!
Now I don't think this is one of my best ever and I honestly hate the fact that I had to use text to form a watermark since my logo was one of the things that was deleted from my Mac, but hey, at least I was able to make one again!!

Now I don't know when I'll get any more uploaded and created, but we'll see. I'm working on a new logo right now, one I hope will look much better than the old one I had made. So look out for that in the near future!!

So until next time, enjoy this caption and keep reading and commenting on everything I have here for you!

If you have any suggestions about changes you'd like to see on the site, anything that would make it easier to find your favourites or just to browse, content in captions or anything, please either leave a comment, send me an email (which can be found either here [i think] or on my profile at Rachel's Haven) or send me a PM at the Haven!

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