Monday, 19 November 2012

Road To Power - Doing The Splits

Even the Overlady can be surprised by what the modern world can do to a person.

Jeez, I'm getting worse aren't I? I blame my real life getting busy again. Well that and that I was actually getting some sleep last week. Good for my health, bad for my creative work since I always tend to work on stuff at about one in the morning! And since Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 are out well a girl has to get in some gun time somewhere along the line!!

Anyhoo, thought it was about time I got back to this series and get something a little different up. I have several more going on the factory floor, but I'm beating the workers on those lines into submission so they are running a bit late. Downside to using minions for manual labour, sometimes you just have to get in there and give them a damn good thrashing!

More caps will be coming up this week, and in the weeks to come till Christmas hits since my workload will (hopefully) be going down some by the end of this month. I could always do with the money, but a couple of days off will be very nice indeed!

Thanks to Ambyr and Evie for their comments :) You girls rock :)

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