Sunday, 3 February 2013

Providing A New Point Of View

Sometimes you just need to see things from your opponent's point of view.....

Thanks to Gravidophile for the comment on the last cap :)

Sorry I haven't got anything up this week. Things have been more than a little bit insane for me and look set too continue through most of next week as well. In fact next weekend is so booked up with things that I have no idea if I'll be getting anything up then! Man, only a month into the new year and its already getting as crazy as last! I do not get paid enough.
Still I hope this one makes up a bit for the lack of posts this week and I hope to have some more up very soon. If I don't, just remember that I'll always try and get more captions created soon.
Well either that or more story pieces. Or as it has been this week, new pieces of artwork, some of which I put into a caption for another website....

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