Saturday, 23 February 2013

Trying To Improve It

Sometimes, improvements to an already working product are even better. However, no one knows just what side effects they could bring, and what side effects were already there....

I'm enjoying writing these Sanguine Treatment stories, what do you think of them? Shall I continue with the series?

Just want to give a shout out to a new blog out there on the scene. Kiteykat's TG Blog is a selection of great anime image captions from a new girl on the blogging and even capping scene. She only built the blog a few days ago so there isn't a lot on there yet, but what she has there just shows how good her stuff is.
She's a great girl and a cool friend and it would mean a lot to me if you'd all take some time and check out her blog and leave her some feedback and even follow her blog too. You can find a link to her blog if you check out the blogs I follow on my profile here.
Thanks boys and girls!


  1. I am really enjoying this series of stories,,, please continue!

  2. Besides the fulfilling fantasy possibilities caps like this present for people like me, there is a hidden truth here. That is that the birth rate is declinng precipitously all over the world even in Africa and the muslim world. Why? more than any thing else, once women have more choices they chose to spend thier time not only having a few babies but anything else they desire. Which is as it should be. But, unless we produced 2.1 babies per couple then the population declines. So, Japan and Germany are facing radical reductions in thier population. In a few centuries unless these trends change after the population peaks it will begin a decline whose end is extinction. Will the species let that happen or will we chose true equality by finding a way for males and females, especially those who want to have children and families, be breeders really, do it by some sort of intervention i.e. genetic, chemical and mechanical (like an artificial womb). Men can and do lactate now, although that can be improved and made pleasurable and more attractive. So, whether born with one set of gentials or another shouldn't those who want or need to have babies and breastfeed them be able to do so. Shouldn't it considered inevitable, even reasonable. Sure and caps like yours can help make dreams come true. Certainly, SF authors have been dreaming this dream for a long time.