Monday, 10 June 2013

I'd pull my hair out if it wasn't so short...

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't got any captions up in basically the last week. This essay I'm working on has turned out to be a real bitch and has been preying on my mind no end, so much so that I barely got any sleep last night. You can imagine the sort of mood I was in first thing at work this morning!
Anyway, I'll have the essay finished today (since I have to submit it for tomorrow.... eep) and should be bringing you new captions within the next few days so long as my muse recovers and stops thinking about psychology!
Hope all of you are doing great and stay tuned for fresh stuff coming your way!


  1. We understand..... and looking forward to seeing your next post!....

  2. Work comes first, then Play Play Play.

  3. its ok sis, I know you have to get this done, that's why i'v been giving you some kara time. know you will be around when your done and you know how to get ahold of me ;) hugs, your sis Sedra.

  4. Don't worry about it. School first.