Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Easy To Forget

Can't really blame her can you?

Sorry there wasn't anything over the last two days. I didn't have a stock ready to go for this week and the one cap I had done already, well I really don't like it but it was one of those things that was sitting on my computer, annoying me with its presence and blocking everything else up. With my head being fuzzy anyway, ideas for all the things I've been trying to work on just haven't been coming forward. Grrr.
Still, got this one done last night and I've written about two thousand words or so in the last couple of days on a story despite the brain fuzz. Just need to finish one story and start work on another so I can submit it for Thursday.....

On the other side of the equation, just got my results this morning for my latest course and I passed!! Have to argue with my feedback and the marking over the referencing point (since I did,  but whoever marked it has yet another different idea of how it should be done than the way my tutor for the course had.) but hey a pass is a pass! That's another 30 points in the bag for my degree! Just another 280 to go and I'll have a BSc in Health Sciences woo!

Thanks to Ambyr, Chel Mer and the awesome Rebecca Molay for their comments :)

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