Wednesday, 23 October 2013

One Way To Earn Questing Coin

Magic users. Never think through all their spells to the maximum extent.

If you'd like to read other things in such a vein as this, then head over to the library section of Rachel's Haven and take a read of my ongoing and probably to be rewritten (because I want to make it better) Potions series, a shortish story by the name of All The King's Horses, the first of a new series by the name of A Roll In The Hay, The Clothes Make The Princess, By Lord Or By Land, Armour Up and DID Damsels In Distress to name quite a few of them (hey with coming up 70 pieces on there, it takes while to list the appropriate ones!)
And now that shameless plug is out of the way ;)

Thanks to Melina for her comment :)

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