Saturday, 14 December 2013

Re-Hiring Policy

Sometimes, the published literature for a company just can't cover it.

Hey folks, sorry that I only got a couple of caps up this past week. Its been kind of insane all told, what with work and everything, but I did manage to have a burst of creativity late last night and produced a bunch of new captions that I'll be bringing you over the coming days. I'm tempted to try and make a run for the next milestone here on this blog, which would be seven hundred original captions, but that is another fifty two after this one to make an upload. By the new year, maybe. By Christmas? Well who knows, since I have enough to bring it down to forty eight already.... Watch this space folks ;)

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy this piece and catch you all next time :)

Thanks to Melina and my big sis Sedra (extra hugs for you today sis :) ) for their comments :)