Monday, 27 January 2014

Getting The Evening Started

You have to get the buzz started off right!

Hey everyone, I'm still alive despite rumours in the popular press! I'm really sorry that I haven't done anything for this blog over the last couple of weeks, but things have been going a bit mad. January is just one of those months where everything happens at once. From a bout of idea failure and the dreaded writer's block (with the former applying mostly to captioning), to changes in my work days down to perhaps the largest point for me of the last few weeks, where I handed in my resignation to the army. So I'm a free girl in more than one way and I can tell you that its taken a hell of a weight off my mind! Time to let the crazier side out of the chains so she can have some fun!

Anyhoo, despite having my internet connection down pretty much all weekend for whatever reason my service provider wants to give this time around, I did have a massive burst of ideas yesterday for captions, so its back to the usual scheduling here and I hope you all enjoy what I've got in store for you. From magic to sci fi, potions to viruses, there is a wide variety of stories heading your way!

See you for the next one!


  1. Happy to see you back and glad inspiration has returned

  2. very awesome indeed, i look forward to all you have coming, should be fun to see

    hate to ask, but any bondage based ones coming?