Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Something New For Flu Season

Put on your brave face because the world is set to change.

Ah you gotta love viruses, they just give such scope for TG tales!

Thanks to Ambyr and Kristofer for their comments :) and in answer to your question, Kristofer, I tend not to enjoy bondage stuff in and of itself. However, that being said, there is a cap coming up where ropes are involved in the image and I do have several in stock for the kidnap/forced change style of story.

See you all for the next cap!


  1. another nice one, and sorry if that wasn't clear, i was looking for the kidnaped/forced one, and rope and such being involved is always good

    looking forward to all of them

  2. very good as usual. not a fan of bondage... love visions of a new fem dom world in various versions including larger females/smaller males, male preg/lactation, male wives, fem dom some humiliation but leading to a better more loving, peaceful, even sexier world....role reversal.. often with variety/hope magic/scifi good,