Monday, 24 March 2014

Almost There.....

Hey folks, another quick update for you lovely lot. I got through the worst bits that were plaguing my everyday life, namely my university application. Got that submitted and just dealing with the actual universities themselves now. Here's hoping I can get a place!!
On the captioning front, I'm finally getting some fresh ideas that I can work with, both for captions and for story writing. I'm planning to continue to build up my stock of ready pieces so I can try and work through any other slumps like this, but I'll be bringing you some actual pieces on Wednesday this week since I almost have a whole week ready to go anyway. So thanks for hanging in there folks and I'll see you later this week!

Thanks to Melina and my big sis Sedra for their comments on the last update :)

P.s. Sedra honey, glad to know you're about :) Hadn't heard from you in a while so was kinda worried about you :)


  1. I really miss your pregnant caps. Any chance of seeing more of those?

    1. Oh there's a very high chance of seeing more. I just have to find the right idea and image and see what I can throw together!

  2. hey sis, all's good just been busy and dealing with life. will look for you hugs.

  3. Glad to hear your life is falling in line.