Monday, 17 March 2014

Status Update

Hey folks, sorry for the sheer lack of captions of late. I haven't forgotten about this place, I'm just stuck in a patch of real life stuff that I have to deal with first. I'm going to work through that and build up a stock of captions so I don't run dry like this again, but between work and a lack of ideas coming (nearly four years of having your own blog will burn through a lot of your original ideas and I hate the idea of just churning out sub standard stuff that has the same cliched plot you find so often in TG material) its tricky to build up captions I'm actually happy with.
So if anyone out there is still watching this blog and you want to see something specific, don't hesitate to leave a comment about it. If you want an easier way to leave a message for me here, I'll look into that too.
So hope to bring you a flood of new, enjoyable stuff soon and sorry for the blackhole my creativity is getting drawn into!


  1. No need to apologise everyone gets burned out I'm thankful for your caps and I'm glad your ok.

  2. hey sis, everything ok? need to chat? let me know hun. :) hugs, Sedra.