Saturday, 20 September 2014

Update Time

Hey everyone, thought I'd just post a quick message to explain the lack of content the last couple of days.
Well I've moved into my accomodation at university and just getting myself settled in with everything. Too much bloody walking to get anywhere, I already miss my car, but thats city life I guess.
Its going to take me a couple of days to get myself organised, so there may not be any new caps till sometime next week, and with the learning schedule I'm looking at, they may not be coming all too quickly over the coming months. But I guess we'll see how everything goes. Not studying all day everyday at the end of it, but just need to get into the swing of it all.
So anyways, keep your eyes peeled for new stuff because it will be on its way!!

Laters sweeties!


  1. Take care of Kara first. Setting up new routines can be tough.

  2. Don't id your address in any way. But do id the university. Especially if it is one of the two that foreigners like me would easily recognize. That is, not that I wouldn't recognize others. But the two most famous ones have become iconic and it might be fun to make a connection, no matter how tenuous, through you to some of the alumni who have influenced my life. A picture, not of you, but of some of the architecture and other interesting local sites would be neat. Make sure that pictures don't give your id away, though That is unless it is what you want to do Even then be careful. Love...