Friday, 24 October 2014


We are all enigmas......

Thanks to Sp2000 for the comments :)


  1. In some US groups many more women have jobs than men. In time women can become dominant and make changes, Selecting sexy, smaller, nurturing spouses they can impregnate (with ovipositor) and force to breastfeed with continuously lactating breasts while focused on home, children and sexually pleasing the dominant partner. Imagine an image with a larger female (androgenous looking) apprearing to establish who is control establishing rules and ecpectations for her new, modified husband with prominent breasts, nipples, and baby carrying hips to submit his new role. Her job allows her to afford and benefit from a trophy, kept house husband. Who loved a better role than was possible for him otherwise. It is a dream that is becoming possible and would be better than some can do now, thought lots of progres is being made by those like my love and I, Love

  2. Ok, my fantasies may seem weird, but they are not unique. Which make a caption inspired by them even more precious. In this future/world things are better because either sex can be dominant or birth babies and breast feed them. Home bound house husbands are expected to support their more successful spouse whether they like it or not. Economic reality being what it is. Technology has made it possible for males to have a pouch where the female can deposit a feriftlized egg. The pouch allows for a much easier birth and the development in the womb/pouch much larger babies with larger brains than any woman can birth through a vagina. Plus it can produce many more than was possible in the past. So, in this world where so many females are more successful (academically and professionally) they are demanding their men become the new breeders. Otherwise the species is facing a catastrophic baby bust. Therefore in many homes the moment arrives when a decision has to be made. Who will have the babies, nurture them, give the dominant spouse the sex she demands when she demands it? The males need to be persuaded by the females who tending to be bigger. So. the seduction that establishes who must submit is erotically charged and very exciting for me. Oh well, if you, please, it would be wonderful. If jot, oh well... Love