Saturday, 18 October 2014

For The Better and a quick update

Sometimes it takes a whole change in your life to see how others really are.

Hey folks!! I know I haven't uploaded anything this week, but well things have been hotting up at uni with more work coming on and extra hours spent in the classroom and I've come down with the second round of 'Fresher's Flu' (and believe you me its both horrible and useful for plot devices in caps to come!) so been feeling pretty crap. But that aside, I have managed to write a whole bunch of captions and have more in the works to get done soon!
Your response to my birthday offer was simply amazing! I felt really humbled that so many of you wanted to see specific caps and were kind enough to wish me a happy birthday at the same time! You guys are awesome! I've decided to do them all in one big upload so while they won't be up for a little while longer, its going to be one pretty damn big post when it does go up and hopefully you should all enjoy the pieces I put together! In the mean time, I have a bunch of other pieces ready to keep you all entertained so lets see how it all goes!
Now I think I'd better crack on with some actual work. Got two practical reports to write, some journal pieces to read ready for an exam, and some reading to do. Either that or I could drink some more coffee!!

Laters my lovelies!!


  1. What a clever caption. very good.

  2. Can't wait to see my request. Glad your birthday was fun.