Saturday, 7 February 2015

Correctional Bath

Everybody wants to change, and what more luxurious way to do it than with a bath?

Urgh, sleep patterns still fucked. Getting crazy. Going to be worse next week since I have a 9am start on monday but later starts or entire days off the rest of the week!!

Anyhoo, you may have noticed a slightly different style to this cap. That's because I'm experimenting more with the features of comic life 3. Since I used the font for the magic anime cap in my requests upload, I've come to like it a lot, so its now going to be my standard font for caps here, unless of course you guys can't read it clearly. Had to switch for one reason anyway, my old font was nuked out of the system between the versions. Oh well! I'm liking the different options for background though!

Thanks to Ian and Ambyr for their comments :)


  1. The temptation to linger would be one I'd struggle with too.

    The font seems fine at this size but could get difficult if it's smaller

  2. A sexy caption. The new layouts fine. did have to enlarge it but lets face it my old eyes are not what they where.

  3. With valentine's coming would love to form a heart with my ass in a bubble bath. Lovely story.

    Noticed your last few captions teasing us with what would happen if the person stayed a little longer or swallowed a little more of the potion. I'd love to find out and see your take on somebody who went too far in their desire for feminine curves.