Monday, 9 February 2015

Dare To Take Another

Would you?

Whoops, nearly forgot today's update! Thats what a three hour biology lecture first think on a Monday morning will do for you. Just a couple more weeks of bullshit then I get into the stuff I'm actually interested in. Looking forward to the genetics stuff!!

Anyhoo, apart from all that uni stuff, I'd best get working on some new content for here, almost out of my stock of stuff. Oh well at least I have enough free time to work on things, just need to get my muse in action!!

Thanks to Pusywillow for her comment :)


  1. the brandy i had at christmas only changed me into a gibbering blob!

  2. I have a feeling the next might influence, not how far she will take it, but whether & how often she'll be taken... and by whom!

    Wonderful, Kara!!