Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Made A Choice

No matter how things came about, making your own choice in the end is more important

After my question I posted yesterday, namely, would you guys like to see story pieces posted here, its clear that a few points need to be clarified some. Any piece here would only be related to captions I have posted, otherwise it would be unclear what I was talking about, and I would only post them infrequently, rather than as the basic content here.
So what I was thinking about was having a 'Story Saturday/Sunday' if you will. One post on the story day would be a story piece, probably a chapter to a longer piece so I don't have to come up with an entirely new plot every time! It wouldn't be every week, I've done that before and its an easy way to burn out, but it would only appear over the weekend.
What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks to Ciruno, Ian and Ambyr for their comments and thoughts on this matter :)


  1. I think its would be ok. i was thinking the other day when trying to sqeeze so much in to a little caption box it would be nice just to post more detail.
    Always good to try new things or mix it up a little.
    I did not mean to be negative in the last comment its just my own reading habit.
    ps great caption today.

  2. One per weekend, and a way to get deeper into the background of a cap seems good if that's a pace you want to set for yourself.
    A couple personal preferences- I'd prefer to see complete stories rather than chapter segments. I've seen too often great characters and situations created only to have them left unfinished when their creator gets bored or distracted with new ideas.
    Second, if there's going to be more text, the red on blue isn't the easiest on my eyes when reading on my tablet. But that could just be me.