Monday, 13 April 2015

Adventure Comes With A Price

Some adventurers just don't take enough precautions for all the old temples they encounter...

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in a few days. Everything went really crazy for me. Between driving my parents to the airport after their car broke, only for them to come back after the French ATC strike ruined their holiday plans, to getting threatened outside my house by some dickhead driver and then waiting for the police to come and take a statement which they never did (what the fuck do we pay them for?), idea failure, unable to focus on any of my creative work or university work, then another long drive to play at an airsoft event, and then trying to reapply for student finance before I have to try and sort out my insurance so that my dad can drive me back to uni in a couple of days and so my parents can get to work while I'm away, I'm feeling kinda strung out.
Oh well enough of my complaining, its not what anyone needs to see!! I'll try and get more things uploaded in the coming days, though you know, uni and all that.

Thanks to Ian and Ambyr for their comments on the last cap :)