Saturday, 27 June 2015

As if from the grave, I return!

*The door creeks slowly open with a squeal of badly oiled hinges, the small shaft of light revealing a room that has seen better days. Papers litter tables and the floor, curled and browning with age. Cobwebs hang forgotten from every surface and cages lie abandoned, the experiments once held within long gone. With a cough from the dry dusty air, a tall woman walks inside the room, putting her hands on her hips looking around at the mess with a sigh*

Well that just proves you can't get the minions these days. Honestly what does an evil Overlady have to do to keep her labs running while she's out?

Yes folks, I'm back! Sorry for the long time without any posts going up here. The last few months were kinda crazy with reports due and exams I had to study for as my first year at university came to a close. By the time I got back home, I honestly didn't want to do a damn thing and other concerns got in the way of keeping this blog up and running. As you can probably understand, trying to fill my head with info for my tests kinda meant it was difficult to come up with anything TG related and I've just been struggling something awful this past year to create anything at all, let alone something I really liked.

That's the bad news. The good news is that I passed my first year, and not too badly at that so yay! That and while I haven't posted, I have been making caps. I didn't want to post the few I made as I completed them as there was times when there would have been several weeks between posts again, but I now have a stock for an entire month ready to go!! I'm still finding it difficult to make things, as I found myself slipping into the same stuff you see everywhere and that wasn't what I got into this to do, but trying to re-find my style is difficult and I don't think I'm there yet. Even my writing has been difficult to do as ideas logjam in my mind and I just can't get things finished.

Anyhoo, I'm trying and things are coming through slowly :) I do have to ask if you lovely lot would consider buying full stories I create. It wouldn't impinge on what I make for this site or any others, but well, it would be great to actually earn something as a writer :)

If you're still reading, then tis time to have a small celebration as while I was out from here, this blog passed its five year anniversary! Hard to believe that I've been doing this for so long now and I have produced so many original things, think its coming up a thousand or so caps actually haven't counted recently. I'd like to thank you all for you support of this blog and I hope I can keep bringing you things to enjoy for a long time to come :) You know, when I don't vanish for months on end....

I will be away for the weekend as I'm playing a big airsoft game, so there will be more things either Sunday night or more likely on Monday, but I'll leave you lovely lot with a bunch of caps to enjoy till then :)


  1. Happy days are are here again! Welcome back! ok, exclamation are kinda
    cool, maybe

  2. Hooray! Great to have you back and what wonderful gifts you've brought to share with us!

  3. Great to see some captions from you (and a wasteland follow up)