Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cold Memories

Magic can be cruel, but men are more so.

Decided to see if I could actually get working on one of my older pieces of story work to see if I could get it more towards completion and I was pleasantly surprised to find I was actually enjoying rereading it. Its probably one of my best pieces though by far one of the harder ones I've attempted simply because I feel I have to put a lot of research in to get it right even though I am twisting history around for the plot in the first place. I hate it when authors don't put in the research time and get simple things wrong so I try not to do that myself. Seriously, how hard is it to make sure you get the location of a national landmark correct for example, or remember that coffee is more of an American drink than an English one, especially when set in the Victorian Period.

Anyway, I've talked about this piece before on other sites and I may have done it here, but I'm working on a Wild West story set in the Steampunk universe I built for capping over at Rachel's Haven. Revenge, crazy bandits, bounty hunters, sexy women in tight corsets, TG changes and more lever action rifles and six shooters than you can shake a rattlesnake at! I have no idea when I'll finish it, since I've been stuck on it for about two years or something silly, but A Bra Full Of Dollars (title pending till I can think of something better) is back on the cards for completion!


  1. Looking forward to seeing it.

  2. Always interesting and thoughtful.

  3. hi big fan of the caps just a quick hope/ suggestion if you are working on older caps i have always wanted to know what happened with the girls that went to the university and were converted to comply with multiple minorities. the last one i saw was titled 'the first roommate' and had the woman forced to go through school pregnant and hinting that the rest of the roommates were more unique

    if i missed the follow ups sorry but those have been some of my favorites. either way really glad to see you back in the saddle. keep up the good work

    1. I had planned to do many more in that particular series, but unfortunately, it was one of those that got hit by the creativity void I've been going through. It may yet return as I did enjoy writing the ones I put up.

    2. completely understand either way always great to see more caps from you but like i said still hopeful that series has a resurrection cause i loved it