Saturday, 1 October 2011

Adjusting To A New Workout Regime

Even the toughest have a weak point they never want known.

Well I'm certainly enjoying writing these sci fi caps a hell of a lot more than the generic gender change ones I have been producing, so expect more in the weeks to come.

I'd also just like to take a moment to shove something at you. And don't be disgusting I know what crossed your minds there!
Anyways, the second issue of the Haven ezine is about to be released and all I can say is that its worth the small donation for you to get it, with new caps, stories and serials that are only available as part of the magazine that you won't be seeing elsewhere. There is also an exclusive cap from me in this issue as well as some of the best cappers and writers out there contributing to it. Now I know that a lot of the other blogs out there have also advertised the magazine, but hey it just shows how much we love the Haven and Rachel for being there to build the place originally. Its not like we're getting paid to do this. Now, there's a thought..... ;)

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