Friday, 28 October 2011

The Guest Room

Whoever said that haunted houses were a bad thing?

Sorry about not posting any caps yesterday, but i was trying to do a test for a course i'm working on at the moment and that sucked up most of my day (I didn't even finish it!). So today I'm going to try and make as many caps as I can, but no promises I'm sorry to say as I'm off early tonight to work away this weekend, so no caps till Sunday night, GMT of course. I know it sucks, hells I like producing caps and stories it's a nice way to relax, but hey real life takes priority as this doesn't pay my bills. Well at the moment at any rate!
Soooo, enjoy what I get posted today and I'll see you all on Sunday. I promise to have a new story written for monday night as well for those of you who frequent the library on Rachel's Haven (since I don't have anywhere else to put my stuff yet!).

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Troy should have guests round more often. He can start by inviting me :)

    Great caption, I love haunted house stories.