Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Gone Wrong So Quickly

It is important to remember that when trying new things that you take all the precautions necessary otherwise who knows what might happen.

Sorry for not having got anything uploaded the last couple of days. The weekend was as bad as I expected as I went down ill. Great. The week so far has been a task getting myself back in gear with everything and I spent the last couple of days getting my university application together only to find out I can't submit it because I'm waiting on something to come from another person, which is fucking irritating, and finishing off a brand new story that I've submitted for the latest edition of the Haven Quarterly. While it isn't the next part to my detective story, I think this piece turned out pretty damn well so when I have more details about the issue, I'll post them here for you all!

Now, I've got to run around like a mad thing and get ready to go to work tonight where I'll be swamped with work and likely be the only bastard doing it. Two hours extra work that I won't get paid for. I really need to get a better job!!

So until next time, take it easy sweeties!

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment on the last cap :)  I agree hun, antiviral companies have their work cut out with that one ;)


  1. Hello, i love your work. Im following TG captions for 1/2 year now. Yours are the best. I would like to share some knowlege about your (and mine) psychology.

  2. give me your email please! mail me @ !

  3. give me your email please! mail me @ !