Monday, 7 January 2013

Ummmm ..... sorry

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven't got anything up in the last few days. I've been struggling to get all my ideas together for, well just about everything. I could call it the January slump but the truth is I'm just feeling a little lazy, despite my desire to write just about anything!
Well I don't think I'll be able to get anything up today, I've got a lot of driving ahead of me as I'm dropping my younger brother back off at college. Ah the dramas of being the older sister who actually has a car! Considering the state of my morning so far, an exercise test at my local hospital that ended up with my chucking up (really not the show I want to put on with two sexy blonde nurses treating me!! They already saw the state of my tiny chest which already counted against me dammit!!), I get the feeling that this day isn't going to go well on the creative stakes!

Oh well here's hoping. See you all soon :)

Thanks to Annebelle Raven-Hyde for her comment on the last cap :) Happy new year to you too :)

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