Thursday, 3 January 2013

Was This Supposed To Happen?

Magic of any form can be a troublesome partner for even those used to it.

I hope you've all had a fantastic holiday period and everything has been going great for you. Thought it was high time I got back to doing these so here is my first one of 2013! Should be a cool year so here we go and lets see just how much I can produce for everyone to read!

By the way, I have a couple of new stories up on Rachel's Haven, which you can head over there to read. Gaia's Fingers and Surrender Is Not An Option are available to read for free so why not take a few to see what you think of them? :)

Thanks to Sedra for commenting on my New Year's post. Love you honey!


  1. awwwwwww love ya sis hugggggggg. Sedra. ;)

  2. I've missed your preggo caps! Please keep them coming!