Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Life After

Is resistence futile when your only future is to be a broodmare?

*chain of expletives deleted for the sake of your sanity* URGHHHHHH!!! My motherfucking computer decided to restart itself this morning, no button presses from me on that, it just fucking did it! SO I've lost four documents, about 600 words of a story I was working on and several captions. The worst bit is I can't recover any of it, not a damn thing! FUCK!!
I want to kill something.

Thanks to Ambyr, Melina, Bree McAdams, Tommy Atkins, pusywillow1950, Loki Trickster and Kelly (SP2000) for their comments :)


  1. Just remember: Computers are perfect -hic- are perfect -hic- are perfect -hic- ...; Hang in there. >:)