Friday, 2 August 2013

Struggling To Escape

Escape is never easy.

Spent some time after the computer errors of yesterday sorting out all my various captions from here into folders since the one I had it all in was getting kinda laggy to open up. Well with 570 odd caption folders in there, little wonder really.
While it took forever to sort, it does give me a clearer picture of how many captions I've made in the years this blog has been running (into the third year now, which means I've been active in the community for ummm four maybe five years. How time flies!).  Well anyway, if I can keep up the level of caption making I've started for this third year of captions, I'm in line to beat my first year. 70 odd in a couple of months is about half of what I made last year anyway!
So here's to creativity, wherever and whoever has it! *raises a glass

Thanks to Ambyr and Bree McAdams for their comments :)


  1. Yeah... that does look to be a problem... Hmm... Nice cap, Kara!

  2. I'm sure once she does finally get that ass in those jeans there will be a nice loud ripping sound.

    Well written caption, Kara!