Monday, 12 August 2013

The Usefulness Of Guards

Never cold call a witch.

Sorry nothing was uploaded over the weekend, I was caught up writing a story that I've been stuck on for a while and doing some gardening. Caption ideas, however, were not flowing so there might be some delays this week in bringing you new pieces.

After an enjoyable weekend, I'm back to the weekly grind and already hating it. Albert might have said that some men want to watch the world burn, but this bitch is getting the matches ready! Some fucking humans make living on this planet unbearable. *sighs

Thanks to Loki Trickster for the comment on the last cap :)


  1. Now that's a sweet security force. Take care of life and we'll wait for the CAPS. >:)

  2. Humor is rare in tg sadly... If only there was a way to hire these protectors. What a popular business that would make. There truly is a new, better world filled with tax women not mean, old mn in your visions Kara. Tks